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An open-source and free wallet implementation for the Android runtime, based on bitcoinj. It requires either Android 4.0 (or newer) or Black Berry OS 10 (or newer). It was first released on March 7, 2011[1]. As of June 2015, it is being used by 800.000 people.

Key Derivation and Export

Since version 4.0 Bitcoin Wallet supports HD Wallets[2] and derives keys from a master node in the BIP32 format.

Since version 4.18 it provides a simple export functionality[3] for the key in the format:


Where the parameter "c" gives the creation date of the key and "h" the hierarchie. The value "key" is the derivation m/0' from the master node according to the BIP32 derivation scheme.

External Links

  • [1] Bitcoin Wallet on Google Play.
  • [2] Bitcoin Wallet on BlackBerry World.
  • [3] project page on Github.
  • [4] Google+ community
  • [5] direct download of releases and test versions
  • [6] discussion forum on Bitcointalk