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Some notable characters who have been involved with Bitcoin are:

Notable Persons
Name Notes
George Gor CEO of CoinIdol
Kevin Aleman CEO of LUXSTACK
Jeremy Allaire CEO of Circle
Gavin Andresen Core Developer, Bio
Andreas Antonopoulos Bio
Brian Armstrong CEO of Coinbase
Takao Asayama CEO of Zaif
Kristov Atlas Open Bitcoin Privacy Project
Perianne Boring President of Chamber of Digital Commerce
Danny Brewster CEO Neo & Bee
Jerry Brito Executive Director of Coin Center
Patrick Byrne CEO of Overstock
Nic Carey Co-founder of
Wences Casares CEO of XAPO
Michael J. Casey Senior Advisor, Digital Currency Initiative, MIT Media Lab
Matt Corallo Co-Founder of Blockstream
Ben Davenport Co-founder of BitGo
Bruce Fenton Executive Director of The Bitcoin Foundation
Bryan Forde MIT Media Center
Tony Gallippi Co-Founder of BitPay
Jeremy Gardner Co-Founder of Augur
Jeff Garzik Core Developer and CEO of DSS
Leah McGrath Goodman Senior Editor, Newsweek
Laszlo Hanyecz (laszlo) first buyer of a good<
Mike Hearn Core Developer, Bio
David Johnston Co-Founder of Decentralized Applications Fund
Yuzo Kano CEO of bitFlyer
Mark Karpeles Founder of Mt. Gox
Jered Kenna Owner 20 Mission
Jason King Founder Sean's Outpost
Nejc Kodric CEO of Bitstamp
Benjamin Lawsky New York State's Superintendent of Financial Services
Andrew Lee CEO of
Bobby Lee CEO of BTCC
Charlie Lee Creator of Litecoin
Ken Lo CEO of ANX Intl
Jon Matonis
Dan Moorhead CEO of Pantera Capital
Patrick Murck
Dorian Nakamoto
Justin Newton CEO of Netki
Stephen Pair CEO of Bitpay
Michael Perklin President of CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4)
Brock Pierce Co-Founder of Blockchain Capital
Jesse Powel CEO of Kraken
Alan Reiner Founder of Armory
Matthew Roszak Founding Partner, Tally Capital
Frank Schuil CEO of Safello
Charlie Shrem Bio
Barry Silbert Bio
Paul Snow CEO of Factom
Balaji S. Srinivasan CEO and Cofounder, 21
Jeremy Sturdivant (jercos) first seller of a good
Nick Sullivan CEO of Change Tip
Paul Sztorc Creator of Bitcoin Hive Mind (formerly known as Truthcoin)
Michael Terpin Co-Founder of BitAngels
Jeffery Tucker CEO of
Roger Ver Bio
Aaron Voisine CEO of Breadwallet
Erik Voorhees CEO of
Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn CEO of Zerocoin
Ross William Ulbricht Founder of SilkRoad
Paul Vigna Reporter The Wall Street Journal<
Cameron Winklevoss President of Gemini
Tyler Winklevoss CEO of Gemini