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This wiki page contains several important video resources.

Bitcoin explained

What is Bitcoin? []

What Is Bitcoin & Why Should You Care? []

The real value of bitcoin and crypto currency technology []

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin 101 - What is Bitcoin? []

Video series: Bitcoin 101 Blackboard Series []

What Happens When We Decentralize Money? []

Video series: Bitcoin by Khan Academy []

The Essence of How Bitcoin Works (Non-Technical) []

Bitcoin explained and made simple by The Guardian []

Andreas M. Antonopoulos educates Senate of Canada []

The economics of digital currencies []

Mauldin Economics explains bitcoin

Digital currencies: how do they work and what makes them different? []

How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood []

Bitcoin Boom: Is This the New Safe Haven? []

Bitcoin Information Videos []


Morgan Spurlock’s “Living on Bitcoin” []

Bitcoin Down Under []

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin - Full []

The Bitcoin Phenomenon []

Bitcoin in industry

Andreessen: If bitcoin works, it could be profound []

The Bitcoin Course | Bitcoin will change the world [Tim Draper []]

The Future of Innovation from the “PayPal Mafia” []

Gigaom Structure Connect 2014 []

Tim Draper on How Bitcoin Will Change the Economy []

Fred Ehrsam, Coinbase - Bringing Digital Currency into the Mainstream []

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Shares His Vision For The Future Of Bitcoin []

Arthur Levitt: The SEC Is Re-Thinking Disclosure []

Nick Cary’s keynote about bitcoin []

Bitcoin Fireside Chat with Marc Andreessen and Balaji Srinivasan []

Influential speakers

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Crash Course with Andreas Antonopoulos - Jefferson Club Dinner Meetup []

Web Summit 2014 Day Three - Gavin Andresen and Lisa Fleisher []

Erik Voorhees - The Role of Bitcoin as Money - Bitcoin 2013 Conference []

Jeffrey Tucker & Andreas M. Antonopoulos - Coins in the Kingdom 2014 []

32nd Annual Monetary Conference: Keynote []

Bitcoin – more than just money | Dug Campbell | TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh []

Julian Assange: Bitcoin is Much More Than Just a Currency []

Joe Rogan Experience #446 - Andreas Antonopoulos []

Bitcoin – distributing power & trust | Eric Spano | TEDxConcordia []

Bitcoin development

Bitcoin’s Development Visualized (up to v0.9) []

Bitcoin around the world

Bitcoin: Buenos Aires | TheProtocol.TV []

Bitcoin Boulevard: Dutch neighborhood now accepting cryptocurrency []

Fractional reserve banking

Money As Debt - Full Length Documentary []

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money 4 | Mike Maloney []


When Im Bitcoining []

My Drunk Kitchen: BITCOIN BYTES []

Bitcoin’s COO Explains What Bitcoin Is []

Bitcoin Users In A Nutshell []

Sh*t Bitcoin Fanatics Say []

Don’t Understand Bitcoin? This Man Will Mumble An Explanation At You []

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeiture (HBO) []


All About That Bitcoin - by Naomi van der Velde []

Ode to Satoshi - The Official Bitcoin Song []

MV 张张 - 我们都是比特币 We are all bitcoins []

ytcracker - Bitcoin Baron - Support Internet Freedom []

Bitcoin Girl Music Video - Official []

Kriptina - Love you like a Bitcoin []

Cryptography and Information Theory

Journey into Cryptography - Khan Academy

Language of Coins Series (Information Theory) - Art of the Problem

Gambling with Secrets (Cryptography) - Art of the Problem

RSA Encryption - Art of the Problem

Visual Math Collection - Art of the Problem

Prime Adventure - Art of the Problem


Bitcoin in the News - A Video Compilation []