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George Gor has been in management of Blockchain projects since March 2014, when he consulted with the founders of CoinTelegraph on effective mass-media business creation. During 2015 he was involved in developing a strategy of internal expansion of CoinTelegraph's business in 22 countries around world, including the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, China, Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, France, Italy, India, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Slovenia, Poland, Finland, Egypt, Algeria, Czech Republic, Romania, and Portugal. He was Editor-in-Chief and acting CEO from late 2015 until February of 2016.

In January 2016 he was proposed to become official CEO of CoinTelegraph, but decided to quit the project, because of a different attitude to the job with representatives of founders. In May 2016 he started a new cryptocurrency news outlet. He became the leader and CEO of new world mass-media . On the 1st of July 2016 the website was launched. George Gor has 20 years of experience in different kind of businesses as a CEO and entrepreneur, including mass-media, advertising, public relations, political lobbyism, education and insurance.